***2019 OTR Theme ~ The 1970s***

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Scum Ridge Caving Club

The 2019 Old Timers Reunion theme is the 1970s. It will be the seventieth OTR, and a chance for nostalgia, bellbottoms, and velour.

There will be activities that harken back to the OTR of the 1970s, including, a caving version of the Gong Show.

The Chair has arranged for a band on Friday night that features funk and soul from the 1970s. Get ready to dance to the heavy bass guitar and lots of wah-wah pedal. Move over Bootsy Collins, Freekbass and The Bump Assembly really know how to groove!

Then on Saturday, enjoy the disco-themed sounds of Queen City Funk and Soul. The vocals and brass deliver the songs of our youth.


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