***2019 OTR Theme ~ The 1970s***

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The 2019 caving trip will depart the camp at 10:00 a.m. Cave to be determined.

Scum Ridge Caving Club (SRCC) conducts other caving trips throughout the year. You wil be invited to those caving trips if you sign up for our email newsletter.


Caving August 30, 2019

Thanks to our Vice-President Krista Baumgardener-Tetrick, our caving club will be hosting another caving trip at on OTR Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Join Krista, and other friends of the underground, as we explore a relatively easy cave, within 90 minutes or so from OTR.

This will be a caving trip for young and old. And don't forget about those OTR virgins!

This caving trip is expected to be very popular. We will be discussing this excursion on Facebook regarding equipment, transportation, flip-side dinner, and other logistics.

A BIG Thank You to the folks who went on the trip last year.


All persons attending a club caving event are expected to follow safety rules. They are expected to wear proper equipment.

This includes possessing three light sources and a helmet with a chinstrap. Kneepads, coveralls, gloves, and proper footwear is also expected. Cave temperatures are around 50-55 degrees, depending on the location. When your clothing becomes wet you will feel much colder, so it is important to wear proper clothing.


If you would like to donate a caving article you have written, please hollar at us on Facebook.