Scum Ridge Caving Club
Spring Meeting

The third annual Scum Ridge Caving Club (SRCC) Spring Fling will be happening at 4:00 pm, Friday, June 28, to 4:00 pm, Sunday, June 30, 2024. A club potluck will be held Saturday evening. A club meeting will take place on Sunday morning, provided there is a quorum (and possibility of a group breakfast).
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We invite all members and guests to join us at a new location. We have reserved 'The Hunting Ground Farm' (THGF) in Pendleton County, WV for the weekend. THGF is located at 367 Amby Lane, Circleville, WV 26804.

This location offers many opportunities for hiking, sightseeing, and caving. Local points of interest include Spruce Knob, Monongahela National Forest, Nelson Rocks, Seneca Rocks, Germany Valley, and more.

The farmhouse is very rustic, but it does have some conveniences, like electricity. Gravity-fed water from a nearby spring is hooked up to the house.

We recommend that you bring drinking water. The water has never been tested, but some people drink it.

There is a kitchen with a stove and two refrigerators. Basic pots and pans, as well as small appliances like a toaster, microwave, and coffee maker are provided.

There are four beds, a bunkbed, and three sofa-beds in the farmhouse. Vinyl covered mats are available as well.

The front yard has plenty of room for tents. A nearby meadow offers places for tents for the ultimate in privacy and quiet sleeping. There are places to rent around the area if you have special needs.

The house has a bathroom. We ask that you use the outhouse, which is a short walk down the hill.

Scum Ridge Caving Club will rent a portable toilet if there is a need. The spring does lose some of its capacity and the toilet and showers can reduce the available water.

Please RSVP by connecting with Krista Tetrick through Facebook. A cell phone number will be provided to those who RSVP. AT&T works at the property.

Bring your camp chair. There is a big firepit at the farm.

Directions to Circleville, WV:

From Columbus:
From Pittsburgh:
From Baltimore:

The Hunting Ground Farm - 367 Amby Lane, Circleville, WV 26804

Spring Caving

There will not be a club-organized, application caving trip at this meeting. There are two commercial caves very close to THGF:

Seneca Caverns:
Adults 13 & up - $15.00
Kids 5 to 12 - $10.00
4 & under - Free

Smoke Hole Caverns:
Adults - $17.00
Kids 5-12 - $12.00
4 & under - Free

There are group rates available. If we were to do a group trip, we would have to have no less than twenty people to get the discount. Anyone interested in participating in a group trip should contact Krista Tetrick through

SRCC 2023 Saturday Night Potluck

On June 29, Saturday night we will host a potluck at the farm for our big extended family.

Please bring a dish to share. Dinner will start at 5:30 p.m.

Scum members and guests are welcome to assemble earlier. The kitchen can get a little crowded. Bring a backup of anything required for success.

Bring your appetite. Cavers are great cooks!

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