Scum Ridge Caving Club

  1. Logo

    a. I placed the Scum and NSS logos together to show that they are similar. This might be a problem. I don't know the history of this logo.

    b. If we would consider changing the logo, I've created a few different images that could be used as a replacement.

    c. I am also fine with using some of the images on the newsletter and web site along with the original logo.
  2. Structure

    This is a mock-up. It is an example of what the web site would look like.

    a. The white, right-side column with the content is the newsletter.

    b. The banner and logo artwork can be sized into a narrow banner for the newsletter top.

    c. The left-side column background color can be changed.

    d. We can also move the menu to the left-side area.

    e. The left-side is used as a sidebar.

    f. As we grow our digital assets, new banners and artwork can be built.

    g. The subpages do not exist yet. However, the copy and artwork for some of the pages does, because the articles for the newsletter will be used. The topics for the subpages can be tweaked. The pages will be assembled and uploaded as soon as we decide on the topics and artwork/logos.

    h. I am a proponent of repeating things on a web site. You will see links to our Facebook pages in several places. As I build out the pages, you will see other examples of things place on a page in more than one place.

    i. The web site '' (domain name) is live on my server. I bought both the '.com' and the '.org' domain names.

    j. Devon has bought '' and has it parked on the GoDaddy domain servers. We can point the '' domain to my server (cheapest). We should keep both sets of names.

    k. If you choose, email can be set up on either of these domain names.

    l. A copy of all the digital assets will be provided to the board of directors periodically.
  3. Artwork

    a. The artwork on this mock-up is a rough proof. The images you choose will be edited for better quality.

    b. Please take a look at the images on the left and bottom of the page. Once the artwork is selected, I can start to build the subpages. Again, refer to 3a. Some of these images were created to be simple figures, able to be printed in one color.

    c. Use the links on the banner to look at other banner variations. Use your back botton to return to the main page.

    d. As our digital assets grows, we will build images that are specific to our members.
  4. Copy

    a. Nothing here is a final copy.

    b. We should encourage contributions to the web site and newsletter by members.

    c. Most of the current newsletter copy will be used to build the web site. Future newsletters will be used to update parts of the web site.

    d. Newsletter content will change according to the season. A schedule will develop for the content. We will publish that timeline, so members can submit content.

    e. We will have to establish a policy on who can receive the newsletter. Should we put a sign-up box on our web site? (Patty and I think it is a good idea.)

    f. We will never disclose where OTR is located on the web site or newsletter. We will publish schedules, meeting notes, photos, and other information about OTR and our annual gathering.
  5. Moving Forward

    As we publish newsletters, we will attract people who want to contribute.

    a. Utilizing Facebook, we can create excitement about our web site and newletter.

    b. Using a quarterly schedule, members will have enough time to assemble contributions.

    c. Increasing the frequency in the summer will help keep people engaged running up to OTR.

    d. Content on those frequent emails will be easy to obtain.

    e. We can shoot out a post-OTR newsletter as well.
  6. Launching

    A web site is like a home remodel; you never finish, but at some point, you just have to call it good.

    a. The web site will be live before the newsletter is sent.

    b. Proofs of the newsletter will be sent to those board members who would like to one, prior to it being sent for proofing.

    c. Newsletters will be archived on the web site.

    d. We should get this newsletter out before Christmas.

    e. I recommend we encourage others to forward the 'offical' newsletter (not draft), and work the kinks out about dues later. We are able to keep more than one list on the email marketing platform too.


Determine logo, approve/decline other artworks.

Figure out if we want to place a newsletter sign up box on the web site. (Patty and I are thinking we should allow anyone to get the newsletter. The newsletter and web site will never disclose the location of OTR.)

Figure out if we will allow previous members to sign up.

Debbie and I already discussed the picnic article. It will be tabled until the spring newsletter, pun intended.

Offer edits to the content, in particular, the minutes from the 2016 meeting.

Which Christmas Tree image do you like (there is one with the article and one at the bottom)? Also, if you don't like the heading, and have something more catchy/cleaver it can be changed.