2017 OTR Christmas: Scum Ridge Caving Club Adds New Years Eve to Camp Theme

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Scum Ridge Caving Club (SRCC) offers its membership to anyone interested in caving. There are two things required to join our caving club. You must attend two SRCC annual meetings, which take place at Old Timers Reunion (OTR) over Labor Day weekend, in Dailey, West Virginia. You must also have a Scum Ridge sponsor, who will attest that you have been underground.

Membership is extended to past members in good standing. SRCC dues are $5 a year, or $10 for a family membership. (No dues for inactive years.)

Starting at the 2017 OTR we will be hosting a caving trip to the Sinks of Gandi. This cave has some relatively easy passages. Prospective members and OTR virgins will have a chance to go caving with the club on that Saturday afternoon.

To attend OTR, you must either be a member of The Robertson Association (TRA), or be a guest of a member. You cannot join TRA at OTR, so if you want to attend as a TRA member on your own, you should read the following page and assemble the things needed prior to OTR. OTR.org
(Please note: on January 2, 2017 the OTR web site was offline - email Scott Baker for information on joining TRA at membership@otr.org.)

If you want to join our group of cavers, please contact us:
info at scumridgecavingclub dot org or join our Facebook page.

Old Timers Reunion is held from the Thursday prior to Labor Day, at noon, until Labor Day, Monday at noon. Scum Ridge Caving Club has a dedicated area where we set up a camp every year. You can find us on the OTR map at registration.

Below are the minutes from the 2016 Scum Ridge Caving Club annual meeting:


Scum Ridge Caving Club held its annual meeting on Sunday, September 4, 2016, in Dailey, WV. SRCC President Patty Taylor opened the meeting at 11:30 a.m. to approximately twenty-nine people.

Patty introduced the officers of SRCC, Vice-President Krista Baumgardener-Tetrick, Treasurer Kim Byers, Ashli Taylor-Friesland Membership Chairman, Debbie Wallace Mixon Membership Chairman, and Secretary Devon Taylor.

Kim Byers recapped the financials for the club. Kim announced she would be passing the position of treasurer to chairman, Debbie Wallace Mixon.

Vice-President Krista Baumgardener-Tetrick proposed the club host an annual trip to the Sinks of Gandy. The club voted with enthusiasm to hold the event on Saturday afternoon, September 2, 2017.

Debbie Wallace Mixon opened up a discussion about buying picnic tables. The proposition to buy two picnic tables passed on a vote of the club members in attendance.

The Friday night pot luck was a great success. It will continue to be an annual event.

Christmas at OTR: Once you get used to the idea, you see there are endless facets to this party theme. Many members agreed Scum Ridge should add a twist to the theme.

Club member Jamie Bishop donated a trailer for the club. It will be stored on the Hempel Estate.

Brenda Francis was tapped to help build and manage a web site for the club. This newsletter is her first issue as publisher.

Members expressed their appreciation for the time officers donated to the caving club. Kim Byers did a great job as treasurer for many years; her time and talents were deeply appreciated.

The next annual meeting of the Scum Ridge Caving Club will be held on Sunday, September 3, 2017, at 11:30 a.m., in Dailey, West Virginia.