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2017 OTR Theme: Christmas - Scum Ridge Adds New Years Eve to Camp Theme

Logo Hike

New Members

Scum Ridge Caving Club (SRCC) held its annual meeting on Sunday, September 4, 2016, in Dailey, WV. SRCC President Patty Taylor opened the meeting at 11:30 a.m. to approximately twenty-nine people.

Patty introduced the officers of SRCC, Vice President Krista Baumgardener-Tetrick, Treasurer Kim Byers, Ashli Taylor-Friesland Membership Chairman, and Secretary Devon Taylor.

Kim Byers recapped the financials for the club. Debbie Wallace Mixon stepped up to take over the responsibility of treasurer for Scum Ridge Caving Club.

Vice-President Krista Baumgardener-Tetrick proposed the club host an annual trip to the Sinks of Gandy. It was suggested the cave trip take place on Saturday afternoon. The club voted on it and it passed with enthusiasm.

Debbie Wallace Mixon opened up a discussion about buying picnic tables. The proposition to buy two picnic tables passed on a vote of the club members in attendance.

The Friday night pot luck was a great success. It will continue to be an annual event.

Christmas at OTR: Once you get used to the idea, you see there are endless facets to this party theme. Many members agreed Scum Ridge should add a twist to the theme.

Club member Jamie Bishop donated a trailer for the club. It will be stored on the Hemple Estate.

Brenda Francis was tapped to help build and manage a Scum Ridge Caving Club web site and newsletter with Devon Taylor. This newsletter is their first issue collaborating.

Members expressed their appreciation for the time officers donated to the caving club. Kim Byers did a great job as treasurer; her time and talents were deeply appreciated.

The next annual meeting of the Scum Ridge Caving Club will be held on Sunday, September 3, 2017, at 11:30 a.m., in Dailey, West Virginia.

Read below for more details from our 2016 meeting.


Camping Tree

Christmas in September

The 2017 Old Timer's Reunion theme is Christmas. This theme was a delight to some, and puzzling to others. Since Scum Ridge folks have always been known for their creativity and ability to adapt, it was proposed that our caving club put a spin on this theme. Scum Ridge Caving Club will be celebrating New Year's Eve at the 2017 OTR.

Bring your noisemakers, don your sequin fanny pack, dig out that tuxedo t-shirt, we are doing NYE with all the bells and whistles. Since NYE has as much opportunity to be adapted to a camping party as Christmas does, we should be able to create a fun experience, as well as make our camp stand out.

Keep an eye out for those after Christmas sales looking to clear out leftover NYE gear. Does anyone have NYE or NYD (New Year's Day) traditions that they would like to share? Maybe we can bring back that tradition of a big smooch at midnight.

Feel free to discuss this theme on Facebook. The possibilities are endless for the Christmas theme, especially when you add a New Years twist. We will update everyone on the progress or our project in the next newsletter.

Some members of Scum Ridge Caving Club would like to participate in the Christmas theme. We welcome Christmas themed decorations, gestures, music, culinary fare, etc. After all, Christmas and New Year's Eve/Day have a front of the hand, back of the hand relationship.


Picnic Tables!

Warhola Picnic Tables

At the 2016 annual Scum Ridge meeting, there was a vote to order more picnic tables for the club. So-and-So of Such-and-Such Grotto is offering to build OTR participating caving clubs picnic tables for $125 each.

Since the only picnic table we have is on its last legs, pun intended, it was decided by the members of Scum Ridge Caving Club that the club buy two picnic tables.

Suggestions on how to decorate these tables will be discussed on Facebook. We may have some craft-time at the next OTR, if there is enough interest.

The picnic tables will be tagged and stored at the campsite, so each year we will get the same tables. This is an opportunity to make them our own.


Warhola Picnic Tables

Sinks of Gandy Cave Trip 9/2/2017

Thanks to our Vice President Krista Baumgardener-Tetrick, our caving club will be hosting a trip to the Sinks of Gandi on Saturday, September 2, 2017. Join Krista and other friends of deep, dark places as we explore this relatively easy cave on Saturday afternoon.

We hope to create a caving trip inviting to young and old. If OTR is one of the only times you are able to get underground, we hope you'll take advantage of this excursion. Plus, this is a great opportunity to introduce OTR virgins to the activity we all love, caving!

To make it easier on those of us going caving, some of us will be stopping for dinner on the way home. This will allow folks to return to camp fed, so they can get cleaned up and ready for the big Christmas party.

This caving trip is expected to be very popular. We will be discussing this excursion on Facebook regarding equipment, transportation, flip-side dinner, and other logistics.

We will update you on this caving trip in following newsletters. Thank you Krista for resurrecting this activity that is the reason we all gather together every Labor Day.


Friday Night Pot Luck: Join us September 4, 2017 for the OTR kick-off pot luck at the Scum Ridge camp site.

Pot Luck Dinner Friday, September 1, 2017, at 7:00 p.m.

We will be gathering to celebrate our caving club in fellowship on Friday evening, at Old Timer's Reunion 2017. Join us to kick-off the party!

Bring your favorite gourmet, camping dish to share. We'll provide the paper plates, bottled water, napkins, and plasticware.

This tradition has been around for a long time. We think this meal, shared among friends, is a fantastic way to start the OTR weekend.

Last year we some very generous and thoughtful people allowed us to use their generators. It was nice to have some hot fare.

We will be discussing the details of this meal on Facebook. You are welcome to plan with others by join the conversation online, or you can wing-it and keep us in suspense.

Please clean up any contribution you bring to the pot luck. Like caving: Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints.