2017 OTR Christmas: Scum Ridge Caving Club Adds New Years Eve to Camp Theme

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Scum Ridge Caving Club

Welcome to the Scum Ridge Caving Club web site. We are a group of cave-loving people who get together at least once a year to celebrate our love of the underground.

Our annual meeting takes place at the Old Timers Reunion (OTR), over the Labor Day weekend. This caving party takes place in West Virginia, on a private piece of property.

During the 2017 OTR we will be visiting the Sinks of Gandy on Saturday afternoon. This is a well known cave about 75 minutes away from the campground.

Our organization has club-related activities at the campground as well, including gate duty on Friday afternoon, a pot luck Friday evening, and our annual meeting, late Sunday morning.
Regardless of whether you are a previous member, looking to reconnect with old friends, or you are someone interested in caving, please sign up for our email newsletter. Our newsletter will keep you up-to-date with the club activities and its members.

You can find information about joining the Scum Ridge Caving Club, on our membership page. There is also a link on that page to The Robertson's Association (TRA) page, on the OTR web site. TRA is the governing body over OTR.

We hope to see new and familiar faces at the next Old Timers Reunion.